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QtlMovie 1.10

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Release DateSeptember 25, 2016
CategoryVideo Software
SubcategoryVideo Converters
Operating SystemsWindows



Publisher's Description

What is QtlMovie ?

QtlMovie is a simple specialized graphical front-end to FFmpeg and other free media tools.

Why another front-end to FFmpeg? Because most of these general-purpose front-ends are complex. QtlMovie has been designed with simplicity in mind for just a few specific common operations.

QtlMovie performs a few repetitive specialized tasks which proved to be difficult or boring with other tools. In short, I developed QtlMovie primarily for my own usage to automate tasks which took me too long and I now share it.

So, what is QtlMovie for?

It is mostly the answer to the following needs:

  • I am a movie fan and want to watch movies exclusively in original audio version with subtitles when necessary.
  • I record many movies from TV (digital TV and MPEG-converted analog recordings) as well as collect other movie files and I want to create DVD's out of them.
  • I own an iPad and many DVD's and want to watch those DVD's on the iPad.