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MindMaple 1.80

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MindMaple_1.80.1.003_ENG.exe | 19.02 MB | VirusTotal Scan report

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Release DateJuly 9, 2019
CategoryProductivity Software
SubcategoryBrainstorming and Mind-Mapping Software
Operating SystemsWindows



Publisher's Description

MindMaple Lite is a free application for generating mind maps, planning projects, running brainstorming sessions, and generally helping you organise, present and share your ideas.

Natural Mapping Interface

Add and move topics just like drawing in a notebook. MindMaple®lets you place new topics creatively instead of restricting them to a preset location.

Manage Your Tasks

Visually integrate important task details into your maps. Attach your work documents, and edit and save them directly from MindMaple.

Additional Mapping Tools

For detailed mind mapping, you can add relationships, boundaries, hyperlinks and files to the mind map.

Customize Your Mind Map

Personalize your mind maps with colors, images, and pictures. MindMaple® offers clip art and preset styles to help you decorate your mind map with ease.

Export to Diverse Formats

Export your mind maps to different file formats

Import Other Files

You can import Freemind files and MindManager® files into MindMaple®. TXT files can be imported as well.

Travel Plan Mind Map
Travel Plan Mind Map
Wedding Plans Mind Map
Wedding Plans Mind Map
Genetic Notes Mind Map
Genetic Notes Mind Map
History Project Mind Map
History Project Mind Map
Project Planning Mind Map
Project Planning Mind Map
Presentation Mind Map
Presentation Mind Map