Čističe disků

  • CCleaner 5.91Volný, uvolnit

    CCleaner is the number-one tool for cleaning your PC.

  • Clean Space 7.54Volný, uvolnit

    Deletes gigabytes of garbage and protects privacy.

  • DiskMax 6.21Volný, uvolnit

    A comprehensive disk cleaning tool that identifies and removes junk files on your PC.

  • BleachBit 4.4.2Volný, uvolnit

    Quickly frees disk space and tirelessly guards your privacy.

  • Avast Cleanup PremiumZdarma k vyzkoušení

    The ultimate PC tuneup. Speed up and clean your PC, update your apps, and fix annoying problems.

  • atomiccleaner3ý, uvolnit

    Cleaning junk, leftover and history files on your hard drive.

  • HDCleaner 2.0Volný, uvolnit

    Complete cleaning of your Windows PC.

  • KCleanerý, uvolnit

    Automatic and secured Disk Cleaner.