7-PDF Maker 1.8.0

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7p180.exe | 56.87 MB | VirusTotal Scan report
출시일January 16, 2023
운영체제Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11
발행자7-PDF - https://www.7-pdf.de - Germany
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The Software 7-PDF Maker is a PDF Creator with an integrated Window-Explorer Extension AddOn and a Command Line Application for Windows. The application makes it possible to create comfortable conversions from different document files to PDF and PDF /A-1. The difference beetwenn other pdf software is the native support of many files and images formats with no need of any other third party software. No pdf printer, additional addon software, ghostscript etc. are required on your pc. So you can convert a docx-file to PDF without an local installed Office 2007. That saves in some cases software licenses and one or the other software installation.

7-PDF Maker is furthermore a very good software for archiving your documents and images, because 7-PDF Maker supports the special PDF /A-1 ISO-Format for document archiving. So you use 7-PDF Maker for archiving your documents to PDF /A-1.

7-PDF Maker supports 84 different file formats like “Microsoft Office “Microsoft Office” (incl. 2007 formats), “OpenOffice.org”, “StarOffice” documents and the new OpenDocument standard, different images formats and many more.