Зураг засварлах програм хангамж

  • PhotoshopТуршихад үнэгүй

    The world's leader in digital imaging.

  • Photo Pos Pro 3.6Үнэгүй

    A free photo editor offers users a wide variety of possibilities in the fields of Image Enhancing and Image Editing and in the field of Computer Graphics Design.

  • Paint.NET 4.2.16Үнэгүй

    A free image and photo editing software for PCs.

  • GIMP 2.10.28Үнэгүй

    Create and alter photos and graphics manually or via scripting.

  • ImageMagickҮнэгүй

    A software suite to create, edit, compose, or convert bitmap images.

  • Pinta 1.7Үнэгүй

    A free, open source program for drawing and image editing.

  • Microsoft Image Composite Editor 2.0Үнэгүй

    An advanced panoramic image stitcher.

  • Light Image Resizer 6.0.9Үнэгүй

    Right click to easily resize pictures.

  • HP Photo CreationsҮнэгүй

    Easily create photo books, calendars, collages, greeting cards and other keepsakes.

  • Photoshop ExpressТуршихад үнэгүй

    Easily edit and share your photos in no time!

  • Darktable 3.6.1Үнэгүй

    An open source photography workflow application and raw developer.

  • MakeupDirectorТуршихад үнэгүй

    Create Beautiful Makeup Art.

  • PaintShop Pro 2022Туршихад үнэгүй

    Faster, more flexible image-editing software, featuring new creative tools, more precise editing and easy quick fixes for your best photos and designs.

  • Zoner Photo Studio XТуршихад үнэгүй

    A true A to Z toolkit that streamlines your photography workflow and provides you complete control over your image library.

  • InstantPhotoColorҮнэгүй

    Helps you converting a black and white or grayscale photo into color one.


  • PhotoScape 3.7Үнэгүй

    PhotoScape is a fun and easy photo editing software that enables you to fix and enhance photos.

  • ChromagicҮнэгүй

    Remove background of a photo.

  • LightZone 4.2.3Үнэгүй

    Open-source digital darkroom software.

  • CardWorksҮнэгүй

    Design your own printable business cards.

  • Collagerator 0.9.3Үнэгүй

    Create a collage that collects favorite moments of your life.

  • CameraBag 2021.5Туршихад үнэгүй

    Brings a fresh new approach to photo editing.

  • DMeshҮнэгүй

    Turns images into techy artwork.

  • XnRetro 1.30Үнэгүй

    Allows you to create stunning images with vintage or instant effect on your Desktop.

  • Fotosizer 3.13Үнэгүй

    Resize hundreds of photos in a matter of minutes in a quick and easy way.

  • Image Resizer 3.1.2Үнэгүй

    Lets you resize images by right-clicking.


  • PhotoDonutҮнэгүй

    Transform your photos into art.

  • ReshadeҮнэгүй

    Up-size and enhance your images to ultra-high resolutions.

  • XnSketch 1.20Үнэгүй

    Turn your photos into cartoon or sketch images. 

  • Abstract CurvesТуршихад үнэгүй

    An image generator which allows you to create stunning wallpapers or backgrounds in any resolution, or add effects or logos/watermarks to your photos.