Oprogramowanie CAD

  • AutoCAD 2023Wypróbuj za darmo

    CAD software with design automation plus toolset, web, and mobile apps.

  • LibreCAD 2.2.0Darmowy

    A free Open Source CAD application.

  • KiCad EDA 6.0.11Darmowy

    A Cross Platform and Open Source Electronics Design Automation Suite.

  • AutoCAD LT 2023Wypróbuj za darmo

    Precision 2D drafting and documentation software includes AutoCAD web and mobile apps.

  • Inventor 2023Wypróbuj za darmo

    Professional-grade 3D CAD software for product design and engineering.

  • Rigs of Rods 2022.12Darmowy

    A free/libre soft-body physics simulator mainly targeted at simulating vehicle physics.

  • Qucs 0.0.19Darmowy

    An integrated circuit simulator.

  • Any DWG to Image ConverterDarmowy

    Convert DWG, DXF and DWF files to TIF (TIFF), JPG (JPEG), BMP, GIF, PNG, TGA, PCX, WMF and EMF without the need of AutoCAD.

  • LEGO Digital Designer 4.3.12Darmowy

    A virtual Lego with an unlimited amount of blocks and accessories.

  • Residential Wire Pro 4.14Wypróbuj za darmo

    Make the design, creation and printing of residential electrical floor plans fast and easy.

  • Any PDF to DWG ConverterWypróbuj za darmo

    Convert PDF to DWG and PDF to DXF format for fast and efficient editing in AutoCAD.

  • CorelCAD 2023Wypróbuj za darmo

    The professional, affordable, and simplified CAD software.

  • QCAD 3.27.8Darmowy

    The Open Source CAD System For Everyone.

  • BRL‑CAD 7.32.6Darmowy

    A powerful open source cross-platform solid modeling system.

  • Canvas XWypróbuj za darmo

    Specially designed to make it possible for engineers, small business owners, and technical graphics professionals to illustrate and communicate with confidence.

  • LDrawDarmowy

    An open standard for LEGO CAD programs that allow the user to create virtual LEGO models and scenes.