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Clownfish for Skype 4.56

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Release DateJuly 1, 2019
SubcategoryWeb Phones & VoIP Software
Operating SystemsWindows

Shark Labs

Publisher's Description

Clownfish is an online translator for all your messages in Skype. 

Now you could write in your native language and the recipient will receive the message translated to their language.


  • Build-in spell check support (OpenOffice compatible).
  • Text-to-speech support for all incoming messages.
  • Ability to send of predefined ASCII and emoticon drawings.
  • Big list of build-in greeting wishes.
  • A.I. Talking Robot can be your replacement in many cases.
  • With Voice Call Recording you can silently record your conversations.
  • Voice Changer with various sound effects like echo, chorus, pitch, etc.
  • Music Player - make your voice calls unique by playing your favourite music as a background.
  • Clownfish can be host for any Virtual Studio Technology (VST) Effect plugin.
  • Encrypt Messages - now your secret data will be secured.
  • Now all incoming messages can be translated to your native language.
  • Broadcast message to all your friends with single click.
  • Show an avatar image on every message you receive.
  • Email notifications - keep track on your important conversations.
  • Sound Player - add sound emotions to your voice calls.
  • Voice Assistant - helper tool that converts text into speech during voice call.
  • It's powerful. Supports more than 50 different languages.
  • It's user friendly. Easy to use and control. Direct output in Skype chat window.
  • It's configurable. You could choose from several different translation services.
    • Google Translate
    • Microsoft Live
    • Babylon Translate
    • SysTran
    • PROMT
    • Yandex