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PresentationTube Recorder 3.13.1

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Installer | PresentationTube_3_13_1.exe | 5.06 MB | VirusTotal Scan report

Release DateJuly 13, 2016
CategoryBusiness Software
SubcategoryPresentation Software
Operating SystemsWindows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10


Publisher's Description

PresentationTube Recorder helps you to record and share quality video presentations in a new way. The video recorder allows you to narrate and annotate PowerPoint slides and computer screen and synchronize a variety of essential visual media, including webcam video, whiteboard, Web browser, and YouTube video. The whiteboard, for example, helps you to type text while presenting using the keyboard and mouse making it an ideal tool to add more details, or explain equations using words, numbers, and symbols.


1. No need to learn how to design new multimedia content since the recorder uses your existing PowerPoint slides.

2. Open and display real PowerPoint slides within the recorder window. 

3. Extract and display slide note in a small text box beside the slide for easy narration while presenting.

4. Navigate through slides the same as they move in PowerPoint full screen mode, or using the simple control panel (next, previous, first and last slide).

5. Display current slide number, title and total number of slides in the status bar.

6. A thumbnail image gives a preview of what the next slide is in the presentation so you can prepare for it.

7. Support unlimited number of USB or integrated webcams.

8. Display presenter's video in a full screen mode or inside/beside the slide.

9. Illustrate ideas using various media including slides, whiteboard, drawing board, integrated web browser.

10. Synchronize different types of media such as PowerPoint slides, webcam streaming, whiteboard, drawing board, Web browser content, desktop recording. 

11. Pause, resume or stop recording while recording.

12. Control webcam source and settings.

13. Easy to use paint-like drawing board.

14. Very simple and efficient whiteboard for text-based illustrations.

15. Integrated web browser with zooming in/out capability.

16. Adjust video size, video bitrate, frame rate, audio quality.

17. Support different presentation and webcam layouts (single, mixed and side-by-side). 

18. Combine and save the video with slides in the Advanced Systems Format (ASF), allowing the audience to control the sequence and progress of the video.