AlomWare Actions 1.71.2

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Release DateNovember 6, 2017
Operating SystemsWindows -
Publisher's Description

AlomWare Actions is your ultimate app launcher, text expander, macro player, and system automator! Easily create actions that open apps, documents, folders, and web sites; and automate everyday tasks such as typing regular phrases, moving and clicking the mouse, sending emails, and modifying the clipboard text. 

Unlike similar apps, AlomWare Actions is easy and not a programming language. Its friendly interface and simple scripting steps can be quickly learned by anyone. There is even a helpful Action Wizard to hold your hand when creating your first actions, because we totally understand that your time is precious! 

Would you like the Calculator to open in the bottom-right corner of the desktop and always stay on top of all other windows? Consider it done! Or, do you need to open multiple apps for a work session and have each app's window set to a specific desktop position and transparency level? Done, too! 

Are you sick of always typing your email address or other regular phrases? Let AlomWare Actions type them for you with its macro playback. And why waste time waiting for Outlook to open to send an email? Simply press a hotkey and send the email with AlomWare Actions instead. Start doing things smarter! 

How you'll benefit from AlomWare Actions: 

  • Start creating quick actions immediately with the very simple Action Wizard. 
  • Increases your productivity and saves you time as soon as you start using it. 
  • Take your actions wherever you go by installing on a USB s for portability. 
  • Reduce wrist and hand pain by typing regular phrases with a press of a hotkey. 
  • Launch your apps at the specific desktop position and/or size that you prefer. 
  • Make any window stay on top of all others, and also set its transparency level. 
  • Set a timer to remind you of something, or to run an action at the chosen time. 
  • Set the clipboard text to anything you desire; even dynamic text like the date. 
  • Effortlessly modify the clipboard text into lower, upper, title, or sentence case. 
  • Open or login to websites with a hotkey, without needing bookmarks anymore. 
  • Download the raw content of web pages and pluck text information from them. 
  • Send an email without needing to launch Outlook or logging into your mail app. 
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