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Lost Saga

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Operating SystemsWindows
PublisherSmilegate Entertainment - http://lostsaga.z8games.com - South Korea
Publisher's Description

Part fighter, part brawler and made from pure awesomeness, Lost Saga is an action-packed beat-em-up styled game that will take your skills and push them to their max! Switch from over 60 heroes on the fly, letting you create an endless amount of combos! 

How to Play

Every Hero in Lost Saga is able to perform 4 powerful skills with their equipped gears. Once the skill gauge is fully charged, you may use the skills with a combination of the A, S, D keys.

It's important to note that skills ignore the normal blocks and guards. Furthermore, there may be a slight skill delay (as well as possible invulnerability) upon activating the skill so be sure to time it wisely! Once you use a skill, the skill will go through a cooldown period in which the skill cannot be used.

A skills recharge or cooldown period is not only affected by that Hero's upgrade level for that skill but by other factors as well.