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Release DateJuly 1, 2016
Operating SystemsWindows
PublishereCity -
Publisher's Description

The main objective of the eCity project is to design, develop and validate a PBL-oriented, online, collaborative VLE platform, based on a city-development simulation engine that stimulates the integration and continuous exploitation of Problem Based Learning. The platform will be used collaboratively by students from secondary and vocational schools and higher education engineering schools.

ECity’s PBL VLE is expected to be a general and stimulating context especially due to the nature and complexity of the range of problems that will be available in the virtual city. The platform will also promote a sense of belonging to a community, peer support and an additional rewarding system that includes reputation points for problem solving allowing the establishment of rankings (promoting an healthy competition); the “immortality” of the learner’s work – his/her contribution stays registered and can be accessed by all the users from the game beginnings, stimulating once more the recognition motivation mechanism.