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Blacklight: Retribution

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SubcategoryShooting Games
Operating SystemsWindows

Perfect World Entertainment

Publisher's Description

Wage war with advanced weapons and technology in Blacklight: Retribution, a free-to-play, futuristic first-person shooter. Deploy devastating armored exoskeletons and utilize lethal hand-held weapons in vicious competitive modes.

Key Features

Become a Fighting Machine

Customize your weapons, armors, taunts and more down to incredibly detailed levels. Configure your loadout weapons to your liking, choosing from a variety of muzzles, stocks, ammunition and more.

Suit Up!

Prove yourself on the battlefield and be rewarded with a Hardsuit drop. The Hardsuit is equipped with a high power railgun as well as a high velocity minigun, weaponry capable of turning the tides of war.

Hyper Reality Visor

The advanced HRV enables players to see opponents, teammates, Weapon Depots and Hardsuit weak points through walls, but at the cost of all offensive capability. Balance your use of the technology to be the ultimate soldier.