Cold Turkey Writer

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Operating SystemsWindows
PublisherFelix Logic -
Publisher's Description

Cold Turkey Writer is a full screen editor where you can only exit full screen mode when you are done with your writing goals. This forces you to stay focused on your writing task.


Block Everything

Cold Turkey Writer runs fullscreen and basically turns your computer into a typewriter until you reach your specified goal.

Lock Settings

Set your goal to work for a set period of time or until you reach a certain word count. You're guaranteed to achieve your goal. Why? Because you've got no other choice.

No Installer

This app runs as a stand-alone program. This makes it very portable and easy to share with friends. Just please don't share it online.

Auto Save

Don't worry about having to click the save button. Your draft will automatically be saved to your personal "Documents" folder, every 10 seconds. You'll never lose any work.