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Dreamscapes: Nightmare's Heir

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dreamscapes-nightmares-heir.exe | 376.94 MB

Operating SystemsWindows
PublisherMy Real Games - http://www.myrealgames.com
Publisher's Description

It has been two years since Laura has awoken from a coma but she is still haunted by the promise of the Sandman's revenge. To distract Laura from her heavy thoughts, Tim decides to take them to a ski resort.

There, on the edge of the world, misfortune befalls Laura. In a fit of lunacy, Tim runs out of the house and falls off a cliff. He survives the fall but is now in a coma. It is not hard to guess that the fall off the cliff and coma was caused by the Sandman's doing. Laura has two choices now: watch her beloved slowly die in the hospital, or enlist in the help of an old friend who once helped her when she was in a coma.

The Sandman continues to operate under his old schemes: by sending nightmares, he suppresses the will of the victim to resist. Can you help save Tim before the Sandman turns him into his heir?

  • Explore more than 40 locations
  • Play over 10 mini-games
  • More than 30 3D videos and cut-scenes
  • Unlock achievements!