Folder Size Explorer 2.0

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Release DateMay 14, 2018
Operating SystemsWindows -
Publisher's Description

Folder Size Explorer is a simple and free Windows Explorer clone with the added ability to calculate folder sizes. Microsoft's built-in Windows Explorer does not calculate folder sizes which means you must select each folder individually and then click properties to determine its size. This can be very time consuming when you're trying to determine which folders on your drive are taking up all the available disk space. Folder Size Explorer calculates folder sizes progressively as you browse them and quickly allows you to see which directories are using up the most disk space. It can also be configured to calculate MD5, SHA1,SHA256 and SHA512 checksums for all files as they're displayed. It allows you to save file and folder lists to csv files for viewing in external applications like Excel and Notepad.


  • Show and calculate file and folder size columns in either KB, MB, GB or TB in Windows Explorer.
  • Show and calculate MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256 and SHA-512 checksum values for all files in Windows Explorer.
  • Export and save Windows Explorer file and folder lists to a csv file. Multiple delimiters available.
  • Autofits Explorer column sizes as you browse and navigate your files.
  • Simple and efficient search of your files and folders based on text, size, date etc.
  • Summary pane showing breakdown of files by extension, day, month and year.
  • Very fast multi-threaded folder sizing with the ability to skip or cancel any folder on the fly.