Portmaster 1.6.2

portmaster-installer.exe | 6.24 MB | VirusTotal Scan report
portmaster-installer.rpm | 9.74 MB | VirusTotal Scan report
portmaster-installer.deb | 9.73 MB | VirusTotal Scan report
Release DateDecember 11, 2023
PublisherSafing ICS Technologies - https://safing.io - Austria
Publisher's Description

Portmaster is a free and open-source application that puts you back in charge over all your computer's network connections.

Monitor All Network Activity

Discover everything that is happening on your computer. Expose every connection your applications make and detect evil ones. Finally get the power to act accordingly.

Block Unwanted Connections

Many programs connect to the Internet without your knowledge. When you find unwanted connections, you can now simply block them.

Auto-Block via Selected Filter Lists

Automatically block ads, trackers and malware hosts via trusted domain-lists, which are also used by Ad-Blockers, etc. Easily change the defaults to fit your needs.

Enforce Secure DNS

Even with invasive connections gone, you do not want to share your dns requests out in the open. With the Portmaster, you can easily re-route all your dns queries to a DNS-over-TLS provider of your choice.

Configure Settings for Different Networks

The Wi-Fi in your local coffee shop is riskier than yours at home. Set up your settings for different networks and then simply press a button when changing location. All settings will adjust immediately.

Set Global & per‑App Settings

Make your own rules. Completely cut off applications from the Internet. Or block all p2p connections except for certain apps. Or never connect to specific countries. The Portmaster has you covered.