O&O Lanytix

O&O Lanytix 1.1

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Release DateDecember 14, 2022
PublisherO&O Software - https://www.oo-software.com - Germany
Publisher's Description

O&O Lanytix is ​​a portable application that enables quick and easy analysis of the local network (LAN = Local Area Network) at the push of a button. This not only enables devices in the network to be recognized, but also their properties such as IP address, MAC or the manufacturer of the network card.


  • Search and detection of devices in the local network (LAN)
  • Determination of name, IP address, MAC, operating system, manufacturer of the network card, response times
  • Logging of search results
  • Possibility to export search results
  • Free

If you’ve always wanted to know which devices actually exist in your network, you can find out very quickly and easily with O&O Lanytix. For this purpose, the local network is searched for devices and corresponding properties such as IP address or MAC (= unique hardware address) are determined. Response times, the operating system and the manufacturer of the network card can also be read.

O&O Lanytix helps identify devices that may have been unknown or not noticed before. It can also help in the discovery of new devices that may not even belong in the local network. A history is kept for all devices so that you can see when a device was recognized first and when it was last recognized. If the settings of a device change (e.g. the IP address), this is also logged.