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Spiceworks Network Monitor

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CategoryNetworking Software
SubcategoryNetwork Management Software
Operating SystemsWindows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012



Publisher's Description

The Spiceworks Network Monitor is all about getting you ahead of the game. By monitoring your Windows servers and switches that matter most, you can see potential issues before your users see them.Spiceworks Network Monitor has been designed to be your go-to app that you leave up and running on a screen all day. So just take a quick glance up at the screen and know whether you can breathe easy or you need to jump into IT action!

What Can I Monitor?

You can find detailed descriptions of why you'd want to monitor these by clicking Settings in the network monitor and clicking the question marks next to each monitor.

  • Device offline
  • Current, average, spiking CPU usage
  • CPU is overloaded (CPU queue length)
  • Current, average, spiking RAM usage
  • RAM is overloaded (hard page faults)
  • Free disk space (% and GB)
  • Current, average, spiking Disk activity (KB/sec)
  • Disk is overloaded (Disk queue length)
  • Current, average, spiking Network bandwidth (KB/sec)
  • Current, average, spiking Network activity (packets/sec)
  • Current, average, spiking packet error rate
  • Network is overloaded (packet discard rate)
Monitoring Metrics, Services, and Processes
Monitoring Metrics, Services, and Processes