GDevelop 5.3.180

GDevelop-5-Setup-5.3.180.exe | 100.02 MB | VirusTotal Scan report
GDevelop-5-5.3.180-universal.dmg | 205.3 MB | VirusTotal Scan report
GDevelop-5-5.3.180.AppImage | 135.99 MB | VirusTotal Scan report
iOS / iPadOS
Release DateNovember 9, 2023
PublisherFlorian Rival - - United Kingdom
Publisher's Description

GDevelop is an open-source, cross-platform game creator designed to be used by everyone - no programming skills required.

Deploy your game everywhere

  • One click export for Android
  • One click export to Facebook Instant Games, to play on Messenger.
  • Export your game for the web in one click
  • Export your game to iOS (with PhoneGap Build or Cordova)
  • Publish your game on Kongregate, and other gaming website!

Objects for your games

  • Sprites with multiple animations
  • Create explosions, fire and impressive effects with Particle Emitters
  • "9 patch" and tiled sprites
  • Text objects
  • Draw custom shapes on screen with Shape Painters
  • Support for custom collision masks

Add behaviors to your game objects

  • Physics engine - Add realistic behavior to your objects
  • Pathfinding - Have your objects move and avoiding obstacles
  • Top-down movement
  • Platformer engine - create platformer games in a breeze
  • Draggable objects - quickly make your objects draggable with mouse/touch
  • And more, to automate current tasks and behaviors in a few clicks!

Design advanced levels and interfaces

  • The scene editor lets you visually edit your levels
  • Support for multiple layers - Add interfaces and create parallax effects
  • Create your levels dynamically with external layouts
  • Design your assets with Piskel- a powerful pixel art and sprite editor
  • Debugger - Inspect the content of your game and make dynamic changes while previewing your game
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