LEGO Digital Designer

LEGO Digital Designer 4.3.12

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Release DateJune 7, 2020
PublisherThe LEGO Group -
Publisher's Description

The Lego Digital Designer is like having a virtual Lego with an unlimited amount of blocks and accessories. You can use it to design any project you have in mind, or modify any of the predesigned projects included in the program.

The program allows you to use all the types of blocks and parts available in the real toy, of course, in all the colors available; thus, custom colors or components are not allowed. Far from being a disadvantage, this limitation keeps the spirit of the toy, since part of the fun and the challenge is precisely to construct things with the limited resources available. A very interesting feature of the program is the fact that you can create automatically a custom box with all the parts needed for constructing your project with real Lego blocks, and send it to the Lego shop to purchase the actual pieces to construct your project in the real life. Thus, you can try an unlimited amount of combinations using the program before purchasing the definite set of parts. And, if all that were not enough, the program is absolutely free to download and use.