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PublisherQuantisle - http://www.qiqqa.com/ - United Kingdom
Publisher's Description

Qiqqa is an invaluable tool for anybody working with many documents and big ideas. We hope it will help with most aspects of your academic or corporate research: searching, finding, reading, commenting, highlighting, annotating, tagging, cross-referencing, exploring, discovering, brainstorming, sharing, writing bibliographies, synchronising your libraries everywhere, archiving, reporting, remembering. Phew!

Qiqqa will always be a work in progress: we're continuously shaping it to be the world's best research tool. We receive emails daily from delighted users, and we want it to truly meet your needs. So please submit feedback whenever you like! Bugs, ideas, complaints or praise, it's all very welcome. Let us know what you need, or which features you're enjoying.

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