OkayFreedom VPN

OkayFreedom VPN

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What is OkayFreedom VPN?

The service OkayFreedom makes access to websites that are regionally restricted accessible to you. So called geographical restrictions or country restrictions are appearing ever more frequently, and hamper the free access to the contents of the internet.

OkayFreedom VPN automatically selects the appropriate server, in order to make the restricted contents visible. You thus have fully automatic "freedom of the media" on the internet. In addition to this OkayFreedom VPN protects your privacy, because your IP-address cannot be determined.


Unblock videos

Do you also get annoyed every time you can‘t watch a video because it’s supposedly not available in your country?“ That’s over now thanks to OkayFreedom VPN. This program recognizes whether content like videos or even entire websites are blocked in your country, and automatically routes you through a different locale where it’s accessible. Boom, your video plays.

Browse safely

Even if you just want to prevent someone from following your footsteps online, OkayFreedom VPN is the tool of choice. OkayFreedom VPN hides your real IP address online, and also encrypts your entire connection with secure 128-bit Blowfish encryption. Sounds complicated, but it’s super okay because you can basically surf the net anonymously!

Use servers in 12 countries

OkayFreedom VPN will automatically pick the best connection for you. If you want though, it‘s totally up to you: simply pick a server in one of 12 different countries and with a click of the mouse, the Internet will think you’re in America, Switzerland or whatever you choose.