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S10 Password Vault 4.4

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Installer | | 0.52 MB | VirusTotal Scan report
Portable | | 0.37 MB | VirusTotal Scan report
Release DateNovember 15, 2015
Operating SystemsWindows
PublisherS10 Software - - United States
Publisher's Description

S10 Password Vault lets you auto-login to any website/program with account info stored securely on your PC. You can set up accounts to login upon launch, or use the following commands from within any field in any website or program to auto-type the appropriate info.

Easy to use

Small and simple windows, unlike other programs that often use large cluttered windows. No ugly browser toolbars either. Works with any program, not just browsers. You no longer have to remember all your usernames/passwords, and you don't have to switch back-and-forth between windows to copy/paste them either, thanks to the convenient autotype feature.

Master password

The first step is to create a master password which you will use to access your password vault. For good security, the master password should be long and use a mix of lower and upper case letters, numbers, and special characters. You can use a phrase or sentence instead of just one word; the longer it is, the more secure it is. But beware that there is no way to recover or reset a forgotten password; your information is effectively lost if you cannot remember your master password - there is no back door.

Single data file

Your data is stored in a single vault file locally on your PC (by default "Password Vault.s10p" in My Documents). Be sure your backup software includes this file, or manually back up the file in a safe place on a regular basis. If your hard drive crashes, just restore this file and reinstall the program (and, if you made a donation, also restore the s10_Donation.txt file).

Military grade encryption

Your vault file is securely encrypted using the very strong standard 256-bit AES algorithm which is roughly a trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion times stronger than what has ever been cracked. For maximum security, the Change Password screen lets you supplement your password with a generated key file on a USB drive; this eliminates any danger posed by password-cracking utilities.