Oracle SQL Developer

Oracle SQL Developer 23.1.1

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Mac | 436.48 MB | VirusTotal Scan report | 440.85 MB
sqldeveloper-23.1.1-342.1456.noarch.rpm | 382.15 MB
Date de sortieDecember 13, 2023
ÉditeurOracle - - United States
Description de l'éditeur

Oracle SQL Developer is a free, integrated development environment that simplifies the development and management of Oracle Database in both traditional and Cloud deployments. SQL Developer offers complete end-to-end development of your PL/SQL applications, a worksheet for running queries and scripts, a DBA console for managing the database, a reports interface, a complete data modeling solution, and a migration platform for moving your 3rd party databases to Oracle.

SQL Developer

  • Java powered application for Windows, OS X, and Linux.
  • 5+ million users
  • Full featured PL/SQL IDE
  • Database administration
  • Complete Data Modeling Solution
  • 3rd party DBMS migrations to Oracle
  • Migrate Oracle On-Premises to Oracle Cloud

Database Actions

  • The power of your favorite desktop tool, in your browser
  • Nothing to install, just click-the-link!
  • Included in Oracle Autonomous Cloud Database
  • Available with Oracle REST Data Services for your on-premises instances
  • Run your sql and sql scripts, manage users, create and edit objects, import data to new or existing tables, diagnose performance issues, visualize your schemas, and much more


  • Your modern command line interface for Oracle Database
  • Very small (25mb), download, unzip, and go!
  • Automatic formatting (csv, xml, json, INSERTs, HTML, and more)
  • SQL History
  • Tab completion
  • Build your own commands
  • Liquibase integration for schema versioning