KLayout 0.28.13

Installer (32-bit) | klayout-0.28.13-win32-install.exe | 253.73 MB | VirusTotal Scan report
Installer (64-bit) | klayout-0.28.13-win64-install.exe | 251.33 MB | VirusTotal Scan report
klayout_0.28.13-1_amd64.deb | 57.45 MB
Date de sortieNovember 23, 2023
ÉditeurMatthias Köfferlein - https://www.klayout.de
Description de l'éditeur

Mask layout viewer and editor for the chip design engineer.

KLayout Highlights


  • Fast and accurate: fast loading and drawing
  • Support of GDS and OASIS file formats with automatic uncompression of zlib compatible formats
  • Full support of properties
  • Full 64 bit support on Linux
  • Extensible and configurable to a large degree by custom Ruby or Python scripts
  • Integrated development environment for Ruby and Python scripts


  • Overlay capabilities: multiple layouts can be loaded into one window
  • Very flexible layer configuration: many display options including choice of fill pattern and different frame and fill colors. Animation, transparency, dimming/highlighting...
  • Layer grouping: the display properties of a group of layers can be changed at once
  • Advanced layer display attributes: layers can be named, they can carry additional transformations, select certain hierarchy levels or select shapes by their properties
  • Copy and paste of layers attributes to other panels
  • Drawing order: select the layer that is show on top
  • Descend into hierarchy: show a cell embedded into it's context
  • Flexible rulers: unlimited count, flexible display styles. Multiple templates can be configured, rules can be edited (move, delete, copy & paste)
  • Shape and instance browsers
  • Bookmarks, various zoom modes, mouse wheel support, screenshot function...
  • Undo/redo on layer properties, for rulers...
  • Save: save layout or parts (cells, layers) of it to a different format, with scaling or different database unit.
  • Image overlay capabilities: image files (i.e. jpg, png, gif) can be loaded and placed at an arbitrary position in the layout.
  • Marker browser: certain error report files can be loaded and a browser tool is provided.
  • Global transformation to flip/rotate image


  • Smart drawing functions with many options: angle constraints, grid...
  • True, in-place editing in subcells, variant building function
  • Unlimited undo/redo
  • Smart partial editing function to stretch shapes, move edges or vertices
  • Copy and paste of shapes and whole cells, even to other layouts
  • Many advanced editing functions: hierarchical operations, booleans, clip, corner rounding, sizing, alignment, layer operations...
  • Support for external libraries dynamically bound to a layout
  • Parametrizable cells (PCells)

Other Features

  • A variety of useful utility functions: a XOR tool, a layout diff tool, a fill tool...
  • A DRC feature with a basic set of verification and layer manipulation functions
  • A LVS feature
  • A powerful search and replace feature with a special query language
  • A technology package manager
  • An add-on package manager ("Salt")