Moo0 Video Resizer

Moo0 Video Resizer 1.29

Moo0-VideoResizer-v1.29-Installer.exe | 22.56 MB | VirusTotal Scan report
Date de sortieJuly 2, 2019
ÉditeurMoo0 - - Japan
Description de l'éditeur

Moo0 Video Resizer lets you change any video's "file size" / "screen size" in the simplest and easiest way.

Have you ever wanted to minimize the size of your video files?, given too large ones?,but don't want to use any complicated software? Then, this tool may be the simplest and easiest solution out there.


 - This program won't alter the original video file. It "creates" the new resized video file, within the same folder by default. Please don't worry about it.

 - If you are not sure about the conversion setting, try "Test-Convert only a Part" function first. You can quickly see the sample result ahead, such as "only the first or middle 15 seconds".