Mouse Recorder

Mouse Recorder

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Mouse Recorder records your mouse actions, keyboard input and program window changes for infinite playback. You can automate any activity in any windows application.

Main features

  • Recording of mouse movements, mouse clicks and scroll-wheel actions.
  • Recording of keystrokes and program window names, positions and size.
  • Wait for specific window states (e.g. wait until a web page is loaded).
  • Macro export for use with PhraseExpress.
  • Built-in macro step-by-step editor.
  • Variable playback speed.

Special benefits

  • Works in any program as it simulates generic mouse & keyboard actions.
  • Smart application windows auto-resize.
  • Streamlining of edgy mouse movements for professional software tutorial video creation.
  • Advanced editing features with mouse position auto-sensing.
  • Easy identification of mouse actions by visual mouse path overlays.
  • Smart macro optimization to eliminate redundant automation steps.
  • Seamless integration with the Text Expander software PhraseExpress.
  • Portable install option for USB thumb drives.

Use case examples

  • Automate repetitive tasks on your computer.
  • Perform advanced configuration steps and hand the recorded file for remote execution.
  • Create streamlined presentations and tutorial videos.
  • Ideal for use with screen recording software, e.g. Camtasia.
  • Auto-fill forms, generate reports, etc.
  • Perform system maintenance tasks
  • Auto-login to online accounts.
  • Auto-click websites or programs.