Syncplay 1.7.2

Syncplay-1.7.2-Setup.exe | 19.28 MB | VirusTotal Scan report | 25.97 MB | VirusTotal Scan report
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syncplay_1.7.2.deb | 1.5 MB
Tanggal rilisApril 10, 2024
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Syncplay allows people to enjoy a shared viewing experience even if they are thousands of miles apart, so friends can watch anime, movies, TV shows and other media together. The Syncplay Client launches a media player on your computer, connects to a Syncplay server and joins a virtual room on that server. Pauses, unpauses and seeks made within that media player instance are relayed to fellow viewers via the server to allow for these actions to be replicated by the media players of everyone else in the same virtual room. The server keeps track of where everyone is in the video so if someone joins they can be brought to the right place, and so if someone is too far ahead they can be brought back in sync.