MySQL Community Server

MySQL Community Server 8.2.0

mysql-8.2.0-winx64.msi | 130.36 MB | VirusTotal Scan report
mysql-8.2.0-macos13-x86_64.dmg | 572.26 MB | VirusTotal Scan report
mysql-8.2.0-macos13-arm64.dmg | 567.08 MB | VirusTotal Scan report
Tanggal rilisJanuary 8, 2024
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MySQL Community Edition is the freely downloadable version of the world's most popular open source database. It is available under the GPL license and is supported by a huge and active community of open source developers.

The MySQL Community Edition includes:

  • Pluggable Storage Engine Architecture
  • Multiple Storage Engines:
    • InnoDB
    • MyISAM
    • NDB (MySQL Cluster)
    • Memory
    • Merge
    • Archive
    • CSV
    • and more
  • MySQL Replication to improve application performance and scalability
  • MySQL Partitioning to improve performance and management of large database applications
  • Stored Procedures to improve developer productivity
  • Triggers to enforce complex business rules at the database level
  • Views to ensure sensitive information is not compromised
  • Performance Schema for user/application level monitoring of resource consumption
  • Information Schema to provide easy access to metadata
  • MySQL Connectors (ODBC, JDBC,.NET, etc) for building applications in multiple languages
  • MySQL Workbench for visual modeling, SQL development and administration