Miscellaneous Software

  • Express Menu Restaurant & Cafe Menu Maker
    Express Menu Restaurant & Cafe Menu MakerGratis untuk mencoba

    Create Menus for Your Restaurant, Cafe, Bar or Bistro.

  • GCompris

    A high quality educational software suite, including a large number of activities for children aged 2 to 10.

  • GetWindowText

    A very small and portable program with which you can read the window text.

  • gPodder

    Media aggregator and podcast client.

  • HashTools

    Compute and Check Hashes with One Click.

  • HTML Compiler
    HTML CompilerGratis untuk mencoba

    Convert an entire HTML application (using CSS, JavaScript, Images and more) into an standalone Windows application.

  • Inventoria
    InventoriaGratis untuk mencoba

    Business Inventory Management and Stock Control.

  • Janetter

    A solid and reliable Twitter client with a good feature set.

  • LightBulb

    Application that adjusts screen gamma as the day goes, reducing blue light when it gets late 


  • Mic Müter
  • MiTeC Internet History Browser
    MiTeC Internet History BrowserGratis

    Displays the combined history of popular web browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Google Chrome in its interface.

  • Mounty
  • Network Time System
    Network Time SystemGratis untuk mencoba

    A full-featured client/server time synchronization system.

  • No Screen Saver
    No Screen SaverGratis

    Portable mouse jiggler app.

  • NonVisual Desktop Access
    NonVisual Desktop AccessGratis

    A free “screen reader” which enables blind and vision impaired people to use computers.

  • OpenMPT

    A powerful audio application that makes writing music fun, easy and efficient.

  • OpenWithView
  • Outlook CalDav Synchronizer
    Outlook CalDav SynchronizerGratis

    Sync Outlook with Google, SOGo, Nextcloud or any other CalDAV/CardDAV server.

  • OutlookTools

    A support and advanced settings tool for Microsoft Office Outlook.

  • Plagiarism Checker X
    Plagiarism Checker XGratis untuk mencoba

    Detect plagiarism in your research papers, blogs, assignments, and websites.

  • Portfolio Performance
  • Prey

    Help you find your mobile phone or laptop if it ever gets lost or stolen.

  • Right Click Enhancer
    Right Click EnhancerGratis

    Add most used application, folders and files shortcuts in right click menu of Dektop and Windows Explorer.

  • Screen Ruler 2D
    Screen Ruler 2DGratis untuk mencoba

    Screen Ruler, Color Picker and built-in Magnifier all in one tool!

  • Send to Kindle for PC
    Send to Kindle for PCGratis

    Send documents from your PC to your Kindle.

  • ShellTools

    A collection of free Unicode-aware Windows shell extensions.

  • Simutrans

    A cross-platform simulation game where players try to successfully manage transportation systems between places by land, air, and water for passengers, mail, and goods.

  • SmartSystemMenu

    SmartSystemMenu extends system menu of all windows in the system.

  • Swift Publisher
    Swift PublisherGratis untuk mencoba
  • SymbSearch

    A small tool for searching unicode-symbols.