Veyon 4.8.2

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Data di rilascioAugust 16, 2023
EditoreVeyon Solutions - - Germany
Descrizione dell'editore

Veyon is a free and open source software for monitoring and controlling computers across multiple platforms. Veyon supports you in teaching in digital learning environments, performing virtual trainings or giving remote support. The following features are available in Veyon:

  • Monitoring: overview of a (class) room with screen contents of computers being shown in thumbnails
  • Remote view or control computers
  • Broadcast the teacher’s screen to all other computers in real time (full screen/window demo)
  • Lock computers to control attention
  • Distribute documents and other files to students
  • Send text messages to students
  • Power on, reboot or shutdown computers remotely
  • Log out users
  • Launch programs and open websites