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BrickLink Studio 2.23.11

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Data di rilascioDecember 18, 2023
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Studio is an all-in-one desktop app for Windows and Mac that lets you build with virtual LEGO® parts, render designs and create instructions.

What can I do with Studio?


You can build your own virtual LEGO creations! Start a project from scratch, import a saved LEGO Digital Designer file, upload a picture to make a mosaic or just use your imagination and see what happens when you put the pieces together!

Test a design

By testing your design, you can find out if it can be built with real LEGO bricks.

Create or browse instructions

Use Instruction Maker to create step-by-step instructions for your designs.

Render designs

Generate photorealistic images and short videos of your designs.

Share on the Studio Gallery

Upload your designs on My Studio and publish them on Studio Gallery.

Use the BrickLink catalog

Check if the parts in your design are available and how much they cost.