mGalaxy 9.0

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Data di rilascioSeptember 21, 2022
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Descrizione dell'editore

mGalaxy is a frontend to arcade, game consoles and PC emulators.

Relive the joy of playing to all those game hits on Atari, Nintendo, Sega, Playstation, Arcade, a neat and nice interface!

mGalaxy was created with one goal: keep things as simple as possible when playing with an arcade cabinet/control panel, keyboard or gamepad.

It's indeed possible to control the whole frontend using just a few buttons!

Main features

  • Working with a lot of emulators, covering all arcade and console systems.
  • Arcade panels / Keyboard / Gamepad compatible.
  • Horizontal and vertical display support.
  • Game image preview.*
  • Game movie preview.*
  • Standard / Quick / Alphabetical browsing.
  • Favorite / Top 10 played / Last 10 played saved lists (even if the rom name changes).
  • Game filtering on Favorite and/or Game Genre and/or Numbers of players and/or Keywords.
  • Quick search games with an onscreen keyboard.
  • Background music player. Random music pick.
  • Random game pick (on the whole list or only your favorite games).
  • Easy to use and to configure.
  • Neat and nice interface.