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The Residential Wire Pro allows electricians, contractors and technicians to draw detailed electrical floor-plans with power, low voltage and structured wiring symbols. In addition other information can be generated such as labels, simple invoice and estimate sheets.


Fast and Easy Electrical Floor Plans

Draw electrical floor plans much faster and easier than with most CAD software. Show electrical power circuits along with the structured wiring. Compatible with Windows 7, 8, Vista and XP.

Symbol Libraries 

The built-in symbol libraries of over 200 symbols makes the creation of your floor plans fast and easy. Symbols include standard electrical, structured wiring, electrical appliances, plumbing fixtures, walls, doors, windows and many more. Everything you need to create a complete electrical floor plan.  

Easy to Learn and Use 

Draw walls quickly with our new wall tool. Add as much detail as you need from just showing switches and lights to showing all the electrical circuits with the wiring.

All the Features You Need 

The Residential Wire Pro allows you to design detailed floor plans while giving you a powerful yet easy way to manage and keep track of multiple circuit layouts for all aspects of modern residential wiring. Built into the Residential Wire Pro is an extensive symbol library which provides quick access to pre-designed objects that make your designing experience fast and easy.  

Build Blocks

Building Blocks basically are groups of objects (text, symbols, lines, pictures and others) that you can insert in your RWP drawings. The Building Block editor lets you build your own or modify some of the samples we include: Invoice, Estimate, Text Blocks, Residential Lode Calculations (Standard and Optional), Ground System Information and more...

Advanced Features 

New scalable graphic objects can be added to enhance your drawing or create your own using the available drawing tools. Choose from arrows, shapes, furniture, landscape objects and many others.

Sample floor plan
Sample floor plan
Detailed kitchen wiring is shown.
Detailed kitchen wiring is shown.
Inventory Manager
Inventory Manager