Turtle Sport

Turtle Sport 2.0

turtlesport-win-2.0.exe | 28.36 MB | VirusTotal Scan report
Datum van publicatieJune 22, 2017
UitgeverijTurtle Sport - http://turtlesport.sourceforge.net
Beschrijving van de uitgever

Turtle Sport is an open source software developed to communicate with GPS devices: Garmin, Suunto, etc. The following functions are available:

  • Retreive your activities from GPS devices.
  • Import and export activities in GPX, hst, tcx, kml, fit.
  • Configure the athlete data: weight, heart, rate, equipment, activities.
  • OpenStreetMap Data.
  • Diagram by activity with altitude, heart, speed, cadence, temperature.
  • Meteo data during the activities
  • Statistic of the activities by year, month, week, etc.
  • Visualize your activities in Google Earth and Google Maps.
  • Send your activiy by email.
  • Search races.