Програмне забезпечення для моніторингу мережі

  • SpeedtestБезкоштовно
  • PRTG Network MonitorБезкоштовно спробувати

    Use PRTG Network Monitor for your LANs, VM, Servers, Websites, Appliances, and more.

  • TCPView 4.17Безкоштовно
  • ManageEngine OpManager 12.6Безкоштовно

    A network, server, and virtualization monitoring software that helps SMEs, large enterprises and service providers manage their data centers and IT infrastructure efficiently and cost effectively.

  • The DudeБезкоштовно

    A network monitor tool.

  • LAN Speed Test (Lite) 4.4Безкоштовно

    A free, simple but powerful tool for measuring the speed of your Local Area Network (LAN) wired & wireless, file transfers, hard drives, and USB Drives.

  • ipMonitor Free EditionБезкоштовно

    Essential IT monitoring for small environments.

  • EasyNetMonitorБезкоштовно

    A free tool for monitoring computers in your local network and any internet hosts.

  • NetworkLatencyView 1.70Безкоштовно

    View network latency for every new TCP connection.

  • NetworkTrafficView 2.42Безкоштовно

    A network monitoring tool that captures the packets pass through your network adapter, and displays general statistics about your network traffic.

  • SoftPerfect NetGenius 1.1.2Безкоштовно спробувати

    Internet connection optimisation and application control.

  • EMCO Ping Monitor 9.0.3Безкоштовно спробувати
  • NetTraffic 1.66.2Безкоштовно

    A tool for monitoring network traffic (bandwidth) on selected interfaces.

  • NetworkOpenedFiles 1.53Безкоштовно

    Displays the list of all files that are currently opened by other computers on your network.

  • Portmaster 1.0.0Безкоштовно
  • DNS BenchmarkБезкоштовно

    A unique, comprehensive, accurate & free utility to determine the exact performance of local and remote DNS nameservers.

  • SoftPerfect NetWorx 7.1.3Безкоштовно спробувати

    A simple yet versatile tool that helps you monitor your Internet connection.

  • AppNetworkCounter 1.51Безкоштовно

    Counts and displays the number of TCP/UDP bytes and packets sent and received by every application on your system.

  • Fing Desktop 3.0Безкоштовно

    Network scanning at its finest.

  • LiveTcpUdpWatch 1.44Безкоштовно

    Displays live information about all TCP and UDP activity on your system. 

  • NetworkCountersWatch 1.05Безкоштовно

    A tool for Windows that displays system counters for every network interface on your system.

  • NetworkMiner Free 2.7.3Безкоштовно

    A Network Forensic Analysis Tool (NFAT) for Windows.

  • NetworkUsageView 1.30Безкоштовно

    Extracts and displays the network usage information.

  • SolarWinds User Device TrackerБезкоштовно спробувати

    Network device tracking software designed to locate users and devices on your network.

  • CurrPorts 2.66Безкоштовно

    Monitoring Opened TCP/IP network ports / connections.

  • Network MeterБезкоштовно

    Tool for network traffic measuring.

  • Network Olympus 1.8.0Безкоштовно

    Monitor network availability, detect bottlenecks and improve uptime with an all-in-one tool.

  • PingPlotter 5.23.3Безкоштовно

    Capture evidence of network problems and share it with people who can help.

  • ShaPlus Bandwidth Meter 1.4.2Безкоштовно

    Bandwidth monitoring software to track Internet bandwidth usage.

  • TcpLogView 1.37Безкоштовно

    A simple utility that monitors the opened TCP connections on your system.