SerialTool 1.4.5

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Giá bánMiễn phí
Phiên bản1.4.5
Ngày phát hànhNovember 9, 2023
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What is SerialTool

SerialTool is a professional Serial Port Software to quickly and easily communicate with your PC Serial Port.

SerialTool is the result of years of development and implementation of COM port functionalities.

Many features have been designed to facilitate embedded COM port (UART) development.

Among the various functions it is possible to save buffers, insert alarms when a specific buffer arrives, save serial traffic and much more.

A super easy tool for Arduino hobbyists to test their application with AutoAnswer functions.

Ideal for professional users with logging functions and timed multiple packet send for intensive application stress tests.

Why is SerialTool

Discover the limitless potential of SerialTool, the ultimate serial communication software designed to seamlessly operate on Windows, MacOS, and Linux platforms. With its unrivaled multiplatform compatibility, SerialTool empowers you to effortlessly communicate with your devices across different operating systems, ensuring maximum flexibility and convenience.

Take command of your serial communication like never before with SerialTool's advanced features. Trigger alarms based on specific buffer conditions to stay alerted and respond promptly to critical events. Automate your workflow by setting up auto-answers, allowing you to streamline processes and achieve remarkable efficiency.

SerialTool stands out from the crowd with its unique multiplatform support, allowing you to effortlessly switch between Windows, MacOS, and Linux without compromising performance or functionality. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple software instances, as SerialTool seamlessly integrates multiple serial ports within a unified interface. Monitor and control multiple connections effortlessly, all within a single software instance.

Record and capture your serial traffic with ease using SerialTool's built-in logging capabilities. Preserve valuable data, analyze communication patterns, and troubleshoot issues effectively with a comprehensive log of your serial communication sessions.

Experience the unrivaled power, versatility, and reliability of SerialTool as it revolutionizes your serial communication experience. Unlock a world of possibilities, enhance productivity, and gain complete control over your devices. Elevate your serial communication endeavors with SerialTool, the leading-edge software that takes your capabilities to new heights.