Lightscreen 2.5

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Giá bánMiễn phí
Phiên bản2.5
Ngày phát hànhFebruary 21, 2022
Nhà xuất bảnLightscreen -
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Lightscreen is a simple tool to automate the tedious process of saving and cataloging screenshots, it operates as a hidden background process that is invoked with one (or multiple) hotkeys and then saves a screenshot file to disk according to the user's preferences.

Main Features:

Extremely configurable

Choose! Use only the hotkeys, get previews of your screenshots, upload all of them automatically and more.

Snap what you need

You can resize and readjust the area of the screen you wish to capture for maximum flexibility.

Imgur upload support

Share what's on your screen with easy uploading to


Using an automatic naming system, number your screenshots sequentially or use the date and time.

Main Window
Main Window