Çeşitli Yazılımlar

  • Past 4.11Özgür

    A free software for scientific data analysis, with functions for data manipulation, plotting, univariate and multivariate statistics, ecological analysis, time series and spatial analysis, morphometrics and stratigraphy.

  • NirLauncher 1.20Özgür

    A package of more than 200 portable freeware utilities for Windows.

  • Scribus 1.4.8Özgür

    Powerful desktop publishing software.

  • f.lux 4.120Özgür

    Save your eyes by making your display's brightness adapt to the time of day.

  • Sysinternals SuiteÖzgür

    A bundling of the following selected Sysinternals Utilities.

  • HostsMan 4.8.106Özgür

    A freeware application that lets you manage your Hosts file with ease.

  • Exact Audio Copy 1.6Özgür

    Audio grabber for audio CDs using standard CD and DVD-ROM drives.

  • NetTime 3.14Özgür

    A Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) client.

  • TV-Browser 4.2.6Özgür

    Gets the daily TV program from the internet and shows it clearly aranged - like a printed TV guide.

  • Don't Sleep 8.81Özgür

    Prevent system shutdown, Standby, Hibernate, Turn Off and Restart.

  • PPSSPP for Windows 1.12.3Özgür

    PSP emulator for Windows.

  • Fiddler Everywhere 3.2.1Denemek ücretsiz

    Amplify your debugging efforts with a Web Debugging Proxy for any device or platform.

  • JR Screen RulerÖzgür

    Free virtual ruler for your computer screen.

  • PCSX2 1.6.0Özgür

    A Playstation 2 'emulator', a free program that tries to replicate the Playstation 2 console to enable you to play PS2 games on your PC.

  • EarTrumpetÖzgür
  • Guitar Pro 8Denemek ücretsiz

    A musical software program offering all of the functionalities that all guitarists need.

  • Video Thumbnails Maker 19.0Özgür

    Make thumbnails (caps, previews, screen-lists) and screenshots of video files.

  • Lossless Audio Checker 2.0.7Özgür

    A utility to check whether a WAVE file is truly lossless or not.

  • WhoisThisDomain 2.46Özgür

    A domain registration lookup utility allows you to easily get information about a registered domain. 

  • LightBulb 2.4.5Özgür

    Application that adjusts screen gamma as the day goes, reducing blue light when it gets late 


  • System Scheduler FREE 5.33Özgür

    Schedule unattended running of applications, batch files, scripts and much more.

  • GetWindowText 4.66Özgür

    A very small and portable program with which you can read the window text.

  • HTML CompilerDenemek ücretsiz

    Convert an entire HTML application (using CSS, JavaScript, Images and more) into an standalone Windows application.

  • Wordaizer ücretsiz

    Creates word clouds in any shape and size.

  • Transwiz 1.19Özgür

    The simplest way to transfer documents and settings to a new computer.

  • Network Drive Control 1.60Özgür

    Have Windows automatically map network drives by network name when you logon, just like it does with the default printer.

  • Papercut SMTP 6.2.0Özgür

    The Simple Desktop Email Server

  • WindowTop 5.12.2Özgür

    Set window on top, make it dark, make it transparent and more.