Bing Wallpaper

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BingWallpaper.exe | 16.27 MB | VirusTotal Scan report
Giá bánMiễn phí
Các hệ điều hànhWindows 10
Nhà xuất bảnMicrosoft - - United States
Mô tả của nhà xuất bản

Discover a new place each day

Bing Wallpaper includes a collection of beautiful images from around the world that have been featured on the Bing homepage. Not only will you see a new image on your desktop each day, but you can also browse images and learn where they're from.

Intelligent and beautiful search

Find what you need to bring your ideas to life. Tap into trending news and intelligent answers when you search on Bing. Plus, if available in your market, sign up for Microsoft Rewards to earn points—just for searching—and redeem them for gift cards, sweepstakes entries, nonprofit donations, and more.

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