NetDrive 3.16.589

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NetDrive3_Setup-3.16.589.exe | 97.6 MB | VirusTotal Scan report
Giá bánDùng thử miễn phí
Phiên bản3.16.589
Ngày phát hànhJuly 24, 2022
Các hệ điều hànhWindows
Nhà xuất bảnBdrive - - South Korea
Mô tả của nhà xuất bản

Mount your storages as a local disk. NetDrive supports WebDAV, Google Drive, FTP, SFTP, Dropbox, OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, Box, S3, Azure Blob Storage, Azure File Storage, Swift, Yandex, Mega, etc. If you have Synology or QNAP NAS, NetDrive is what you need.

Access remote files as local files

You can access your remote files as if it is on your local drive using Windows Explorer, macOS Finder and all of your software.

File Browser

With File Browser you can open, download, rename and delete remote files without mount.

File Browser works without overheads of Windows Explorer and macOS Finder and provides easy and fast access to your files.

Background uploading

With background uploading, NetDrive 3 uploads your files to remote storage without overheads and you will not want to live without this feature.

Team Drive

Team drive provides same drive configuration for all members. Team maintainer can configure and publish unlimited number of team drives to members.

Published team drives are added to member's drive list immediately and members use their own credential to access and mount team drives.

File Lock

With NetDrive you can lock all kinds of files including Microsoft Office files.

Only file lock owners can overwrite locked files. Other users cannot delete, rename or overwrite locked files.

You can lock, unlock or force unlock files from Explorer (Windows) and Finder (macOS) context menu.

Multi-user file lock for Microsoft Office files.

If a user is working on a Office file, other user will only be able to open the file in read-only mode.

Mount your storage without login on Windows

You can control when to mount your drive. With NetDrive 3 now you can mount your drive on system boot time without login. With this option you can use your remote storage with system services.

Force refresh folder

You do not need to wait for folders refresh itself. You can force refresh any time to get the latest file list from server.

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