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Health & Fitness Software

Iris 1.1.8


Software for eye protection, health and productivity.

Stretchly 0.20.1


Reminds you to take breaks when working with computer.

SunsetScreen 1.31

Free to try

Helps take the glare off your your screen in the evening.

EyeLeo 1.34


A handy PC application that regularly reminds you to take short breaks for your eyes.

Halotea 1.600


The unique application for sound atmosphere creation welcomes you!

PC WorkBreak 8.0

Free to try

Cares for Your Health While You Use PC.

SmartBreak 2.4

Free to try

Reminds you to look away from your computer screen and enforces you to take breaks.

Big Stretch Reminder 2.1


A free simple reminder tool that prompts a user to take regular breaks.