Veusz 3.6.2

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veusz-3.6.2-x64-windows-setup.exe | 21.89 MB | VirusTotal Scan report
Datum van publicatieMay 27, 2023
UitgeverijVeusz - - Germany
Beschrijving van de uitgever

Veusz is a GUI scientific plotting and graphing package. It is designed to produce publication-ready Postscript or PDF output. SVG, EMF and bitmap export formats are also supported. The program runs under Unix/Linux, Windows or Mac OS X, and binaries are provided. Data can be read from text, CSV, HDF5 or FITS files. In addition, you can also enter, manipulate or examine data from within the application.

In Veusz plots are created by building up plotting widgets with a consistent object-based interface. The program also provides a command line and scripting interface (based on Python) to its plotting facilities. It can also act as a Python plotting module.