AeroAdmin 4.9

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Release DateAugust 29, 2022
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AeroAdmin - a powerful multitask remote desktop software.

Remote desktop connection via AeroAdmin provides a vast range of useful applications in achieving commercial and personal goals. It can be a real money and time saving solution for you and your business.

Spontaneous remote helpdesk

  • AeroAdmin is specially designed to provide spontaneous remote computer help. Once you received a help request it will take a few seconds to get to the remote computer desktop and do the job.
  • No configuration, no installation, user-friendly interface, quick connection to any PC in the Internet.

Remote monitoring

  • You can display desktop images from several remote computers simultaneously on your local desktop.
  • Use AeroAdmin to activate remote computer webcam and watch what happens on the remote side.
  • Use AeroAdmin as free employees' monitoring software
  • Watch your children' activity at a PC.

Remote system administration

  • Being able to manage unattended computers and connect to computers located in different LANs behind NAT AeroAdmin represents a perfect tool for remote system administration.
  • AeroAdmin also provides custom design and settings for implementation in a corporate network.

Data privacy / Keeping important data remotely

You want to protect data from any kind of threat? Then keep it remotely (on a computer in a safe place) and use AeroAdmin to reach it via a secure encrypted channel. For example: 

- You're affraid your computer can be stolen, or damaged while you're on a business trip.

Remote office

You can arrange facilities for your staff to work remotely:

- Let the employees connect to office PCs from anywhere. This approach helps keeping your corporate data in safety, under certain AeroAdmin configuration.

- Connect to remote staff computers and share their screen onto the office PC display.

Secure file transfer

All data trasmitted during remote control session is encrypted with AES + RSA. You can safely transfer your files and be sure none can decrypt your data. This method of data exchange is a way safier than email and suits for files of a big size.

On-line meetings / Webinars / E-learning

  • As AeroAdmin provides simultaneous connections to remote computers, to arrange an on-line meeting all you have to do is to send a link to AeroAdmin.exe to the people you want to join your session, stating your ID and password to let them view your computer screen.
  • Participants don't have to install the software and sign up.

Work with data but don't copy it

  • AeroAdmin provides option to configure limited remote access to a computer so that a person can use all the software and data on it but can't copy or steal it.
  • You can set copy/paste feature from remote to local computer unavailable.
  • Only remote computer control, no chance to steal data via the Internet.
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Main Window
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Remote admin connection request window
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Remote computer desktop
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Simple Message Service (SiMS)
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