Colour Simulations 1.2.6

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ColourSimulations_v126.msi | 1.74 MB | VirusTotal Scan report
Release DateJune 20, 2021
Operating SystemsWindows
PublisherLaurence A Jones -
Publisher's Description

The Colour Simulations application applies a colour transform to the underlying screen. Open the media of interest with the default windows application then simply place the ColourSimulations application window above the media to see the colour transformation. The colour transform is applied in real-time so the application can be used with video and also with games played in windowed mode.

Colour normal viewers should select 'Simulation' by pressing 'S' or selecting Simulation from the application menu. The window title will start with 'Simulation -'.

For users with colour vision deficiency a number of options are available to assist with colour discrimination, including the Daltonize algorithm, colour swaps and filters.

The application menu can be accessed by right-clicking anywhere on the window and the main window moved and resized by dragging with the left mouse button.