Your Freedom

Your Freedom

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Is your Internet access somehow restricted? Are some web pages not accessible to you, or are you unable to run applications because of such restrictions? Are you in a place where there is Internet connectivity via a public hotspot but you don’t have a login to it? Then Your Freedom is for you. Although the techniques used by Your Freedom to break through such restrictions are fairly complicated, it is not difficult to use.

Your Freedom is a Connectivity Service that allows you to overcome connectivity restrictions imposed upon you by your network administrators, your provider or your country. It also provides a certain level of anonymization, and it hides from your administrators and other nosy people close to you what you are doing on the Internet.

Your Freedom works by turning your local PC into a web proxy and a SOCKS proxy that can be used by your applications (web browser, games, whatever). Instead of connecting directly, applications can send connection requests to these “proxy servers” provided by the client part of the Your Freedom software running on your PC, and the client part will then forward these requests to the server part running on our connectivity servers through a connection protocol that is still available to you and through which the client part can reach the server part. There is also a transparent mode that does not require any application configuration, and on Android phones and other devices Your Freedom will simply work without any additional configuration.

Your Freedom tunnels through firewalls, web proxies, FTP proxies, DNS servers and the like. Sounds complicated? Well it is, but the good news is you don’t have to worry about it, that’s our job.:-)