MDB Viewer Plus

MDB Viewer Plus

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PublisherAlex Nolan - - United Kingdom
Publisher's Description

MDB Viewer Plus is a freeware viewer plus editor for opening Microsoft Access MDB and ACCDB database files. It does not need to be installed to run. It uses Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) which is installed as part of Windows.

MDB Viewer Plus has been written to provide a free, quick and easy way to open, view, edit, filter, sort, import to, export from, modify and search MDB and ACCDB files. This is useful for software developers like myself who use Access databases as a backend database for their bespoke software. MDB Viewer Plus provides a convenient way to view and edit these databases. The table info screen even has the ability to copy the list of field names in a table to the clipboard. A developer can then paste this list into their source code for direct access.

MDB Viewer Plus Feature List:

  • Can open MDB and Accdb files.
  • Table opening, viewing and inline editing.
  • Tabbed interface.
  • Standard search and partial word search.
  • Filtering / sorting records by fields.
  • Table and query result printing.
  • Record view (form style view).
  • Record count.
  • Query - standard SQL select statements.
  • Opening and saving of SQL statements to file.
  • Table Info (field types) plus printing of structure.
  • Table types.
  • Portable; no installation required to run. (Provided MDAC is already installed as part of Windows)
  • Exports to TXT, HTML, XML, DBF, XLS, WKS, RTF and PDF.
  • Support Access 2007 Accdb files (Provided "Microsoft Office Access database engine 2007" is installed).
  • Unicode compatible.
  • Create new blank database.
  • Create / rename / delete table.
  • Set / change / remove password.
  • Support for Workgroup Files (MDW).
  • Display related child table link to the parent table.
  • Add / remove / rename / alter fields.
  • Customisable many to many relationship dialog.
  • Selective opening of tables.
  • Add / Remove index.