All Evil Night

All Evil Night

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Publisher's Description

From the city of Evilween, there are numerous reports of monsters flooding the streets, and requests for help. You are sent on a patrol car to check what happens. On the way, you fall under a rockfall and knock down something (an unidentified animal) that has suddenly ran out onto the road. When you come to your senses, you notice that something terrible is on the road, with which you have never met. It is something remotely similar to a man, hiding in the night. Without having the opportunity to go further, you decide to find out what it was.

You will visit gloomy forests, dark caves, a cemetery, go down into the crypts and meet the monsters from your nightmares.

Key features:

  • Old shooters style. 
  • Mystical atmosphere.
  • 13 levels. 
  • 4 bosses.
  • 11 kinds of enemies.
  • Search for door keys, items and ammunition.
  • Choosing a difficulty level.