ClipCache Pro

ClipCache Pro 3.8.0

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Release DateDecember 28, 2023
PublisherXRayz Software -
Publisher's Description

Clipcache Pro is a powerful information gathering tool.

ClipCache Pro's rich features have turned it into a tool for gathering and organizing information that is powerful enough for everything from home web-surfing to journalism to academic and commercial research.

It is the best utility of its type available - and used by major corporations including IBM, AT&T, Bosch, Cuna Mutual, BankFirst Corp, The Oregonian, The New Haven Register, Basler Electric and the Short Line School.

With a single keystroke, it monitors clipboard activity and saves everything you copy. Then you can organise, edit and manipulate your text and images in an amazing variety of ways. Stop capturing with another keystroke.

Uniquely powerful for any kind of research use

Apart from the features below, Clipboard Cache Pro is also the only professional-grade clipboard manager and extender with three features our users have told us are essential for any tool such as this: global search; a flexible tree outline; and the ability to record the source of your clips.

Source-recording is essential to any type of research task but is offered in very few 'clipboard managers'. In fact, this combination of features means reports, stories and research papers can almost 'write themselves': ClipCache Pro allows you to collect the information, analyse it, then structure it into a meaningful whole - ready to write. All while retaining every source.

Although it is powerful enough for major commercial uses, ClipCache Pro is also affordable for individual home users, bloggers and students.

All the features you would expect, plus a lot more

Easy, intelligent capturing - including the source of the clip

  • Easy toggle: turn capturing on or off with a keystroke. You can assign your own hotkey easily
  • Captures both text and images - from web pages or documents
  • Choose your own sound notifications - or none
  • Reliably records the source of your clip by capturing the name of source window - critical for research uses
  • Capture only what you need, with customizable capture options such as ignoring specified programs

Powerful organising and editing

  • Global search with many parameters
  • The 3 pane layout shows you everything at a glance: clips previews, clips characteristics (such as date clipped, source window and many more) and your folders
  • Text is displayed as raw text, html and other formats, using tabs. Text is editable and links can be followed.
  • Images can be viewed with a variety of zooms
  • Drag and drop clips anywhere
  • Colors and highlights on folders and clips
  • History navigation
  • Sort clips by capture date, or any attribute and also manually
  • Merge different clips together into one text - using any separators you wish, or none
  • Unique text-clean feature reformats text to look neat and tidy - including removal of ugly email indents (">>>>")
  • Create your own customised text-cleaners
  • Automatic and manual folder pruning can keep folder sizes in check, dropping out clips based on chosen parameters such as date

Flexible pasting

  • Get rapid access to all clips and recent clips: with one click you can pop out a list on the taskbar
  • You can even access your clips right at your cursor (exactly where you are typing), using a hotkey
  • Any clip can be assigned a hotkey for easy pasting
  • PowerPaste allows you to paste any set of clips, one at a time. Each time you use the hotkey, the next one is pasted. Ideal for form filling and more
  • Paste raw/pure text (text that has formatting removed) with a hotkey
  • Clipboard Routing allows everything copied to Clipboard to be automatically pasted into a chosen target application. Ideal for re-directing or collating snippets of information

Adaptable, open and portable

  • Take your clips with you on a USB flash drive - portable version can be used with the same license key
  • 32-bit and 64-bit (x64) builds
  • International languages are supported, via unicode
  • Liberal use of context menus
  • Massively customisable. But you can also start increasing your productivity in seconds, because it has a highly intuitive interface and commonsense default settings
  • Mouse and keyboard oriented navigation both catered for
  • Multiple-level undo and redo