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Yellowpile 2.53.31
File Name: File Size: 924.16 KB Date Added: July 18, 2019
Release DateJuly 18, 2019
PublisherZoldan -
Publisher's Description

Yellowpile - program for creating color sticky notes with a scheduler function. The application allows to change the color of the note, the font and color of the text. And you can also attach a note on top of all windows or hide. Notes can be deleted or moved to the trash. There are several types of scheduler notifications: a message in the tray, animation (shake), and audio signal.


  • Setting color of the note and text by the fixed color template or from the color dialog.
  • Setting font of the text by the fixed font template or from the font dialog.
  • Automatic "fit" the size of the notes for the length of the text (in width, in height, or both)
  • Allows you to create new notes by copying the "parent" attributes (inherits color options, size and font) or with random color options (when the Shift key is pressed or if enabled option in the settings dialog).
  • The scheduler allows you to create reminders in the following repeat modes: one-time (no repeat), on specified days of the week, or on specified days of the month.
  • Three options for notifications: a note shake (animation), a pop-up message in the tray, and audio message.
  • Preset of hotkeys: hide / show, create a new note.
  • Removal of note into the recycle bin, with the possibility of subsequent recovery. If you hold down the Shift key, the sticker is permanently deleted.
  • Export/Import of the notes. It is useful when you reinstall the system (or program), or for moving to another computer.
  • Language interface: Russian and English